Upcoming events


Brunch at Blank Slate Every Sunday 10am to 2pm 7201 NE Glisan

Sample Menu

Celery Root Gratin $12

pickled persimmon, horseradish sauerkraut cream

Winter Hash $12

celeriac cream, leek, black futsu, new potato, carrot, Gathering Together greens

Abenaki Grits - $12

mushrooms, roasted veg jus,  

Gathering Together greens , sunflower yogurt

Farro Sausage - $12

kabocha squash stew, grilled yogurt cheese, hardy herbs

Savory Spelt Waffle - $12

farro sausage, sunflower yogurt cheese,

greens, fermented chili

Sweet Spelt Waffle - $10

roasted pear, hazelnut, maple,  whipped cream

Farro Cake Doughnut $2.5

sweet yogurt, lemon verbena glaze

June 28th Friday 5pm Oasis of Change Dinner

2037 N Williams Ave, Portland

We are serving a 5 course pre fix dinner on the newly opened Oasis of Change Urban Farm.

Baby Lettuce

Mushroom Cracklins, Hazelnut, Red Sorrel

Grilled Summer Squash

Spring Onion Crumble, Young Garlic, Basil

Coal Roasted Beets

Red Sorrel, Beet Greens, Rhubarb Vinaigrette

Confit Vegetables

Green Garlic Puree, Sunflower Cheese  

Semolina Cake

Strawberry Granite, Green Strawberry,

Rhubarb Syrup, Sweet Cream

Follow ticket link on home page to save your spot.