Upcoming events


Brunch at Blankslate 9am to 2pm 7201 NE Glisan

Farro Tabouli Salad $8

romaine, cucumber, parsley, dill,  yogurt

Roasted Carrot & Sunflower Cheese $8

plum, sweet pepper sauce, herbs 

Summer Squash Chickpea Quiche $10

chow chow onion, braised chard stem, basil 

Summer Hash $11

carrot puree, carrot , new potato, squash, 

Walla Walla onion, greens 

Tomato Pepper Stew and Cheese   $11

Jimmy Nardello, early girl and cherry tomato, 

sunflower cheese,  arugula

Abenaki Grits & Maitake $12

maitake mushroom, roasted veg jus,  

greens, sunflower yogurt

Southern BBQ Plate $12

Squirrel and Crow chickpea tempeh, 

black garlic BBQ, creamed squash, greens 

Spelt Waffle Sausage & Cheese  $12

farro sausage, sunflower yogurt cheese,

greens, fermented chili

Spelt Waffle and Succotash   $12

Sunflower cheese, green pole beans, 

cherry tomato, charred corn 

Spelt Waffle and Gravy  $12

Squirrel and Crow chickpea tempeh, 

mushroom gravy, miso butter

Sweet Spelt Waffle $10

berry preserves, hazelnut, whipped cream

Semolina Cake Doughnut $3.5

sweet yogurt lemon verbena glaze

Friday’s in September

Wood Fired Dinner Friday’s 6pm to 10pm at Canteen 2816 SE Stark
Friday Sept 6th through Friday September 27th

Summer Crush Salad $8

crushed cucumber, little gems,

creamy herb dressing 

Whitebeans and Slow Roasted Tomato  $8

onion miso broth, arugula, white wine mayo 

New Potato and Padron  $8

sunflower yogurt, padron pepper, 

fresh bay oil, pickled leek flower 

Smoky Eggplant $10

yogurt, tomatillo chutney, cultured flatbread

Carolina Gold Miso BBQ Tempeh  $12

Squirrel and Crow chickpea quinoa tempeh, 

swiss chard, creamed squash  

Grilled Sourdough Flatbread  $12

sunflower cheese, oyster mushroom, braised chard stem, 

sweet corn, roasted shallot 

Grilled Peach $7

Hazelnut Olive Oil  Ice Cream